• Industrial waste
  • The more you Recycle, the more you save
  • Over 90% of the material in your skip will be recycled
  • Winners of Express  and Echo's 2014 awards

It pays to recycle with Coastal

Employing more than 75 people, Coastal Recycling is Devon's leader in non-hazardous waste recovery, re-use and recycling, managing both high profile and large scale public sector contracts, alongside waste management solutions for a diverse portfolio of business and domestic clients.

We offer smart, efficient and environmentally-friendly ways to take care of all your waste whilst pioneering the development of new technologies to improve the efficiencies of separating materials. We are helping you recycle more materials, save more money and get your waste working for you.

Based in Exeter, we are the only provider of recycling services who genuinely offer an end to end service where we collect, separate, recycle and manage waste materials at our own sites throughout Devon.

Coastal Recycling work with you to help you and your business maximise your recycling rates and SAVE you money.

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