Over the coming weeks we’re going to be sharing insight into all the amazing things we do at our landfill site to ensure not only that it doesn’t have an impact on the surrounding environment but also how we use the energy the landfill creates to produce electricity and more!

To kick things off we thought we’d share 5 common misconceptions we regularly hear when people talk about landfill and why, here at Coastal they couldn’t be further from the truth

  1. It’s just a big hole that rubbish gets dumped in
    Our landfill site is not used for all waste, as a company we recycle and re-use over 93% of the material we handle, the landfill is the last resort and even when waste does go there it’s managed very carefully to ensure it doesn’t impact the surrounding environment and that it is used to create positive energy such as electric.
  2. It encourages vermin (seagulls, rats etc)
    If landfill sites are not managed correctly they could attract vermin, however we manage our site to ensure vermin doesn’t become an issue from the use of a harris hawk to keep seagulls at bay to clever landfill management to keep the site flat and covered to ensure rats are kept out of the site and under control.
  3. It causes methane to be released into the atmosphere
    Within our landfill site there are currently over 120 extraction wells that are connected to a suction pump which is then connected to a power plant. Methane levels are monitored and suction power is adjusted to ensure we can extract and maintain these levels at all times. Not only that but by using methane in this way the power plant produces 2000kw electricity! That’s estimated as enough electricity to serve 4,000 homes!
  4. The site is dirty and you wouldn’t want to go near it
    When you enter our site you will of course see our machinery but the 100 acre site is constantly landscaped and returned to its natural state so that wildlife can enjoy it and farm animals can graze the land.
  5. It spoils the countryside
    We are proud of how our landfill site is managed and out of the 100 acres much of it is now grassland with only about 5 acres being actively used. Meaning it doesn’t spoil the countryside view. At the end of each day the areas that are being used are flattened and covered to keep vermin out and methane in.

In the coming weeks we’ll be sharing what we do to ensure our site doesn’t have an impact on the surrounding environment, the process of lining a landfill site, using our landfill site as a resource and lots more!

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