Last week we looked at 5 common misconceptions that people have about our landfill site.

This week we wanted to share a little more detail just 5 of the things (there are many more) we do to ensure that our landfill site doesn’t impact the surrounding environment.

  1. Landfilling
    Our landfill site is not just a big hole in the ground as some may think, it is lined with a multi layer composite which ensures the waste does not impact the surrounding soil, it’s a little similar to how you would line a pond (more to come on this process next week).
  2. We control the extraction of methane
    Where many think that large amounts of methane are released into the atmosphere with our landfill site this is not the case, over 120 wells through the site allow us to extract the methane and convert it into positive energy, in this case electricity! Not only that but, we also cover each area that we have been working on throughout the day to ensure it prevents things getting in and methane getting out.
  3. We stringently monitor
    We know how important the environment and, providing a safe haven for both nature and communities is so, not only do we monitor the landfill site itself but we also monitor local farming land around it. In addition we test both the air and ground each week to make sure levels are exactly as they should be.
  4. We continually drain leachate
    Leachate is the liquid that is produced by de-composing waste. It’s important we manage it and we do this by collecting the leachate, draining it into lagoons, treating it with a special bug, aerating it and then re-circulating it back onto site. This encourages the waste to degrade faster resulting in a quicker settlement of the ground meaning the height of the site is reduced.
  5. We encourage nature
    When we finish using a section of the landfill it is capped, this includes laying a plastic membrane, restoration soil and more. This means the site is sealed and nothing can get in or out! Not only that but we then plant trees making the land useable by nature and grazing livestock!

Keep your eyes peeled for next weeks article where we’ll be looking at how we line the landfill to ensure it doesn’t impact the surrounding environment!

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