The Coastal Community Fund provides over £200,000 of funding a year to qualifying projects that result in benefit being delivered to the natural, built or social environment.

Earlier this year a fund was awarded to the village of Atherington to support the continued development of their community centre.

The project of developing the community centre started in 2009 and has seen the community come together to build a community centre from the ground up. All local residents have played a part in the creation of this central hub from sourcing materials, building roofs, providing tea and coffee, fundraising and more!

To help put the finishing touches to the community centre and help the community create a source of income Coastal provided a fund that helped implement finishing touches such as laying tarmac in the cark park area, Jenny Boyce, Fund Raiser said:

‘The fund from Coastal has helped us to ensure that the community centre can be accessed by wheelchair users, something that previously due to the gravel was not the case. We’re also in a position where it helps us finish preparing the centre so that it can be used to generate income to help us maintain the up keep of the amazing centre the community has created’.

The community team are currently in the process of finalising lighting options for the car park to ensure that it is clearly lit in the evenings for all users, this is also being delivered using the fund Coastal Recycling and other benefactors have provided”.

Find out more about how the Atherington community have joined forces to create a central hub on the website or on Facebook

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