We pride ourselves in minimising the amount of waste we send to landfill – in fact we recycle a whopping 95% of all the waste we collect.

But we don’t just manage other people’s waste; we want to make sure we’re recycling champions here in our offices too. That’s why we have an ISO14001 for our environmental management.

There are plenty of opportunities to recycle in the workplace. Here are eight ways you can minimise your carbon footprint in the office:

  1. Ditch the kettle and the water cooler – According to the Energy Saving Trust, 67% of people in Britain admit to over filling the kettle each time they use it – that’s enough additional energy to run nearly half of all the street lights in the country. So to cut down on energy, Tom our Projects Manager recycled our kettles and replaced them with Bibos installed. This marvellous bit of kit can cost as little as 10p per day to run, while the heating and cooling elements keep water both hot enough for tea, and cool enough to keep you refreshed.
  2. Recycle paper – The amount of paper the average office gets through is tremendous. Even if you use both sides of the page and take care to only print when necessary, it certainly adds up. We have a recycling bin right next to the printer, so it can be transformed into yet more reams of paper. Fortunately our own team collect the bags when they are full – and they can collect yours too. Just call 01392 826456 and see Coastal Recycling can help.
  3. Other things you can recycle in the office ­- While you’re at it, ensure there are recycling bins available for old magazines, glass, newspapers, cardboard, WEEE, toner and printer cartridges, old phones, food waste.
  4. Eliminate screen savers – we give our computers a rest and let it sleep when it’s not in use. And always ensure computers are shut down at the end of the day.
  5. Green commute – Our wheelie bins aren’t the only things on two wheels – our team are too! To encourage cycling to work, we’re a member of Cyclescheme, which offers employees up to 42% saving on bikes and accessories and spread the cost. Richard, our Business Development Director has just had a shower installed and secure bike park facilities fitted, so there are no excuses now.
  6. LED lights – LED lights can be ten times more efficient than old-fashioned light bulbs so it goes without saying that it was top of the list for our new offices. You can save a fortune on your energy bills by making this simple switch.
  7. Heating and air-conditioning – We chose an energy efficient integrated Mitsubishi unit that does it all in one, pumping out warm air when it’s chilly and keeping the office cool through summer. It ventilates the air too, providing the perfect internal environment for our team.
  8. Switch paper towels for jet air dryers – Look out for one with a Carbon Trust rating. They are a much more hygienic, energy efficient option and save waste, which is always a good thing in our book.