On a crisp, autumnal morning, our green team headed over to Westpoint Arena for the third annual Farm Wise event. A month of planning, two hours of setting up £500,000 worth of machinery and nine restorative cups of coffee later, the doors were opened and 1,400 primary school pupils from across Devon descended on the show to discover more about farming and the food chain.

As part of this hands-on learning approach to agriculture, the children donned wellington boots and rolled up their sleeves to discover how Coastal Recycling transforms ordinary garden waste into free organic compost for farmers.

This nutrient rich compost fortifies soil, promoting a fertile environment for crops and therefore plays a vital role in our food chain. Coastal Recycling creates more than 35,000 tonnes of compost each year, which farmers can then spread free of charge to condition their farmland.

Far from the usual classroom environment, the children were transfixed as Coastal’s £275,000 shredder broke down a pile of ordinary household garden waste in front of their eyes. They were then invited to get their hands mucky and feel the shredded compost, before hearing how it can help to put food on their plates.

Our green team goddess, Lyn Chadwick said, “It’s been a real pleasure sharing our composting process with the children. Their reactions have been priceless as they watch the machinery grab, shovel, shred and screen the garden waste. They now understand that composting is an important part of the food cycle and without it we would be knee deep in rubbish.’

If free fertiliser would be of interest to you, or to discover more about the scheme, please contact us on 01392 826456 for more details.