On Friday 18th December we liberated our Christmas wooly jumpers and adorned ourselves with festive trimmings to raise money for three great causes.

It was all part of Text Santa, who challenged Great Britain to embrace the Christmas spirit and dress up for a £2 donation. All the money goes towards Macmillan Cancer SupportMake-a-Wish and Save the Children, who are raising money for families in difficulty at Christmas.

We are very pleased to have raised £90 in total. We put our pencils down for a fun day in the office, complete with Christmas tunes playing, a team lunch buffet and plenty of laughter along the way.

Lyn’s outfit stole the show with her advent calendar jumper (she didn’t reveal what was behind the doors). Tracy did have an angel jumper but his wings broke (definitely a fallen angel!) so resorted to an interactive turkey jumper instead. We are still wondering how many Christmas jumpers Allison owns, who has worn Christmas outfits with pride for the past month!

Most of us were way off the ‘guess the snowflakes on Philip Schofields jumper’ game, but Stacey succeeded in coming close, although she did enter the competition four times! Graciously she gave up her winnings for Text Santa too.

Overall it was a very jolly day and we’re all completely geared up for Christmas now.

Merry Christmas to all of you!