As ambassadors of recycling, waste and green energy, we take responsibility to help shape our industry. We want to operate in a competitive, fair, ethical and sustainable market place, and we’re more than prepared to roll up our sleeves – to collaborate and challenge where necessary.

That’s why we are proud to support the Entrepreneurial Women in Renewable Energy (EWiRES) initiative that is campaigning to restore the gender balance in the renewable energy sector.

Our Communications Executive, Harry Wild, joined in the conversation at the House of Commons on Wednesday 13th at a reception with the Secretary for Energy and Climate Change, Amber Rudd.

Harry said, ‘This is a subject very close to my heart as an environmental professional promoting sustainability. My career has taken the route of communicating sustainability in food, education, community development and energy. I was a co-founding Director of Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network, to help establish a low-carbon economy in North Cornwall. To gain a platform of influence, I sat on a number of boards and became an elected Town Councillor. Along the way I have needed to shrug off out-dated attitudes in this male dominated arena that occurred only too frequently. It has been an encumbrance in an already fast-paced, challenging environment, which could easily form a barrier for other young women getting into this industry.

‘The renewable energy sector has some of the worst female representation statistics, which is concerning for a number of reasons. We crucially need diverse perspectives and skills when looking at our energy security, which means widening our talent pool to include more women.’

Created by renewable energy promoters, RegenSW, EWiRES aims to promote the attractiveness of renewable energy careers by sharing case studies of successful women in renewables, launching a training and mentoring programme to cultivate women’s ambitions, and promoting senior energy positions through the EWiRES network.

At Coastal Recycling, we are passionate about clean energy generation. Our Deep Moor Landfill Site currently generates 2.5mW of renewable energy. We are embarking on a project to generate a further 3.7mW of clean energy, which could potentially power 10,000 homes in Northern Devon. The proposed developments will create a range of jobs, including apprenticeships, manual labourers and skilled engineers.

We wholeheartedly support EWiRES efforts, which will hopefully inspire a more diverse range of applications for our renewable energy vacancies. We will continue to lead, network and engage with key policy makers to shape a more progressive sector.