We are delighted to announce our new service starting from today, Friday 1 April. We have imported a rare breed of gravel eating Austrian goats in an attempt to clear land for development.

This long horned, alpine breed was selected for their unusual eating habits, as they not only clear vegetation but can also digest soil, gravel and rubble.

We are trialling seven of the goats, known as gravel grazers, in a pioneering landscaping scheme promoting environmental friendly land management at Exeter’s largest trading estate, Marsh Barton. The goats have been tasked with clearing 16,000 tonnes of topsoil in preparation for Matford Green Business Park.

Our Business Development Director, Richard Marsh discovered the breed on a recent skiing trip in Austria and recognised a gap in the market. He said,

‘This new service is part of the continued investment and diversification of the business. Gravel goats have been used traditionally in the Alps for generations and provide a fantastic low-carbon service. The goats burn no fuel as they extract all the nutrients they need from the soil. It’s great for the environment as they fertilise the land as they go.’

The welfare of the animals is paramount so strict control measures are in place to ensure they remain healthy and happy. Mr Marsh explained that they have employed a full time goat herder to manage the herd.

‘Our Austrian herder, Frau Lirap Olof has started by building a shelter to protect the goats in the rain, as they have no waxy lanolin in their hair.’

If the project is a success, we will considering diversifying into wool and goat milk products.