We’re thrilled to announce that we are finalists for the prestigious National Recycling Awards 2016 in the Best Business Partnership category.

The National Recycling Awards recognise and highlight the excellence and innovation present throughout the recycling and resource management sector today.

We were shortlisted for our close work with a network of 22 farms in Devon as part of an innovative partnership:

Every year, we collect 35,000 tonnes of green waste from local authorities. We then work with a network of over 20 farms across Devon to transform this green waste into an organic soil conditioner, which farmers can use free of charge.

This fertiliser is perfect for farmland and fields as an environmentally beneficial alternative to sewage sludge or chemical fertilisers. Extreme weather patterns are becoming increasingly common, with flooding and droughts affect farmland. Adding organic matter to the soil is the best way to improve its holding capacity, with farmers also reporting better resilience in their crops.

We do not tie-in farmers to a contract for this partnership, so they are welcome to leave at any time. This means that we need to continuously provide good quality compost and service, to ensure the schemes longevity. Our network has chosen to remain committed to the scheme

We work closely with the local authorities to ensure the green waste we collect is good quality and free from foreign materials. This includes promoting recycling to households and educating school children.

This closed loop process is a win-win solution – it provides a much needed waste solution, saving tonnes of green waste from incineration, while benefitting farmers’ fields and increasing their profit margins.

The awards will be held on the 6th July at Park Lane Hilton in London.

Fingers crossed!