Coastal are really pleased to hear of the positive impact a £4,000 community grant has had on the village of Burrington in North Devon.

Burrington Parish Council are responsible for maintaining the playground in the village which is a popular play area for the children of the the school next door. Unfortunately, time had taken its toll on some of the equipment and upgrades were needed to the safety surfacing equipment. The tiles were past their sell by date and the wooden surroundings had started breaking up so the play area needed bringing up to standards for the safety and enjoyment of the local community.

The upgrades that have been made to the play area has meant more children are able to use the area. While the work was in progress, children from the primary school raised concerns at losing the play area demonstrating how important this project is to the local community.

Paul Bailey, Parish Councilor said:

Coastal and Andrew Budd have been so helpful throughout the whole project. They have gone above and beyond to ensure the project ran smoothly and we ended up with a great result! The whole community appreciates what Coastal have done for us.

Coastal are in the process of working with Burrington Parish Hall on another project this year and we will be sure to update when this is all completed.

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