In the most recent round of funding from the Coastal Community Fund The Plough Arts Centre received £11,631 towards the total amount required to fund a project to replace lighting equipment within the centre.

The existing equipment had become very dated, the lighting desk was large and had started becoming incompatible with visiting shows who were unlikely to provide cues in the required floppy disk format! This meant that cues would have to be manually loaded and the overall process was time consuming.

The funding has allowed the Centre to replace the lighting desk to a more modern solution that not only takes up less space but removes the need for long manual processes, improving efficiency and allowing the lighting process to be far slicker than before.

Hear what Head Technician, Andrew Hawkins says about the impact of the new equipment;

“The new lighting desk has enabled us to make better use of our existing lighting fixtures, and helped us to seamlessly integrate the new fixtures into our lighting rig. The combination of the new desk and new fixtures has reduced the amount of time required to set up lighting for events, and has allowed us to offer a broader range of lighting options than was possible previously. The new equipment will enable us to provide a greatly improved standard of production for the wide range of live events that occur at the Plough.”


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The Plough Arts Centre provides exciting opportunities for all people to experience a wide and vibrant range of high quality arts events both as audience and participants. Through creative partnerships the Plough Arts Centre is a welcoming and dynamic venue for artistic expression and education, responsive to the needs of the local community and a beacon for the arts across North Devon – visible and valued throughout the South West. 

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Image credit: John Fitzgerald from Image Fitz