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Coastal Agri

This free service allows you to dispose of a range of plastics, which will then be recycled. This legally and environmentally compliant solution ensures we meet your duty of care to dispose of waste responsibly.


How it works?

  1. Gather and separate your plastic materials (see below for a full list of what we accept)
  2. Register as a lower tier waste carrier so you can transport your waste. Registering is free, simple and lasts for life
  3. Get your PPE kit ready (hi vis jacket, hard hat and steel toe boots)
  4. Call our resource recovery site (Deep Moor or Kenbury Wood) to book in your slot
  5. We’ll process the rest and ensure that your agricultural plastics are recycled

Agricultural plastics we accept

Please ensure that all materials are separated as charges may be incurred if mixed.

Polyethylene / polythene silage and horticultural films

Silage wraps, sheets and bags, plastic mulch and crop cover films

Please remove excess soil

Woven polypropylene bags with or without polythene liners

Bulk fertiliser, feed and seed bags

Please ensure that all bags are completely empty of residues

Miscellaneous plastics

Bale twine and cores used for silage wrap

Hard plastic drums and containers

Dairy cleaning chemical drums, mineral and supplement containers, feed lick buckets

All pesticide containers must be triple rinsed. Foil tops cannot be accepted for recycling as they are classed as hazardous waste

Got a material that isn’t listed? Call one of our resource recovery sites and we’ll let you know if it can be accepted and recycled.

Not got the time to deliver the materials to us? We can provide a collection service from £99 exc VAT. Just drop us a line to get your price: 01392 826456 or request a call back using the main contact form.


What about the paper trail?

We can provide you with a full paper trail including a break down of your recycling by product.

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