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Coastal PAS100 Compost

A great peat substitute, our PAS100 grade soil conditioner is a natural organic material, ideal for improving all types of soils.

Derived entirely from organic material, every aspect of the composting process is carefully monitored and stringently controlled to meet national standards. The natural nutrients will benefit plant growth, reducing the need for artificial feeds or fertilisers. Being derived from organic material, the nutrients are released over an extended period.


  • Improved drainage and workability of heavy soils
  • Increased water holding capacity
  • Assisted root development
  • Enhanced nutrient retention
  • Increased nitrogen availability
  • Plant disease suppression

Our compost is ideal for:

  • Working into depleted and problem soils to improve consistency and fertility
  • Vegetables and soft fruits
  • Turf laying and care of lawns
  • Top dressing established flower beds
  • Planting trees, roses and shrubs

Why use Coastal Organics Compost?

  • Suitable for organic use
  • Nutrient rich and peat free
  • Made in Devon
  • Compost Association Certified – BSI PAS 100
  • Available in a range of sizes


Application rates

General soil improvement – Spread 5 – 8cm of compost over surface and dig in to a depth of about 10cm

Vegetables and soft fruit – Apply 5 – 8cm and fork it in to 15cm

Planting trees, roses and shrubs – Prior to to planting add one spadeful to two of soil

General mulching – Spread as required

Lawn maintenance – 3 – 5 handfuls evenly per square metre

Repotting – Mix equal portions with peat or coir

Top dressing pot plants – Equal proportions with top soil peat or coir based compost

Flower beds – Up to 15cm compost and fork into soil or use as a mulch