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Environmental Monitoring

We offer a range of environmental monitoring services to help companies to comply with all the latest environmental regulations and to meet their on-going legal and compliance obligations.


Regular environmental monitoring on all types of licensed waste management sites is required to ensure any potential environmental problems are identified early and action is taken to mitigate any concerns. It also instills confidence with the regulators that the site is well managed and in the hands of competent operators.

Our services

All of our services are available either on an ad hoc basis or under fixed-term contract depending on your project and needs. We provide a full report at the end of each project.

Water quality monitoring

We can provide river water, surface water, groundwater and leachate analysis all accredited to UKAS and MCERTS standards.

Landfill Gas

Our specialist monitoring services provide landfill and surface gas analysis using the latest Geotech GA5000 gas and GMI analysers.

Noise monitoring

Noise is one of the most prolific environmental pollutants and the most reported complaint to the Environmental Agency. We can provide noise impact assessments / surveys in a range of commercial and industrial projects including data for planning developments, landfill sites or areas with heavy plant.

Fugitive emission surveys

Gas leaks from process equipment and piping could easily go undetected unless regular surveys are undertaken. Conducting a fugitive emission survey is an economical way to be sure that your site is not leaking emissions and losing profits.

Odour monitoring and consultancy

After spending years working in air quality and odour assessment, we can provide a full range of services for your business including preparing odour management plans, advice on odour standards, pollution mitigation options.

Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) interpretation

WAC testing is required by law once a waste material has been identified as hazardous. It also needs to be done if a non-hazardous waste is to be disposed of in an inert landfill site. All businesses have a duty of care to dispose of their waste responsibly, and WAC testing is a mandatory part of that process. We are able to provide WAC testing and waste classification reporting for your business, to help you remain compliant.

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Call: 01392 826456 and ask to speak with our Environment team or email environment@devonwaste.co.uk