Recovering Resources

Our business is all about resource recovery and we’re committed to maximising recycling rates 

By viewing waste streams as value streams, our services also make it as easy as possible for customers to implement the most cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable waste management programmes.

Unlike many traditional waste management companies, we offer a comprehensive and completely transparent, end-to-end service using our own material recovery facilities to separate and sort waste materials by size, dimension and type. Our state-of-the-art machinery uses magnets, electrical currents, optical sorters and other advanced screening processes to sort and segregate materials.

Coastal recovers and recycles over 95% of all the material we handle, delivering to a network of processors who turn our output back into high value products of all kinds.

We sort, recover and recycle:

At Kenbury Wood (Kennford) where we have two Resource Recovery Facilities and Deep Moor (Torrington) where we recover residual and construction materials. We are able to sort, recover and recycle: 

  • Papers – newspapers, magazines, office papers, copy paper, solid board, carton board.
  • Cardboard – brown, white, test and recycled
  • Plastics – LDPE, HDPE, PET, films, rigid
  • Metals – tins, cans, ferrous and non ferrous
  • Woods – clean and contaminated
  • Inert – soil, stone and concrete
  • Glass – all mixed grades of jars and bottles
  • If your business generates a particular kind of waste material not mentioned above, we work with our specialist processing and recycling partners to help you find the best recycling solution.

Recovering Resources

Coastal has dramatically increased the amount of resources it is able to recover.  With new investment in a Material Recover Facility, Coastal has expanded the range of recycling services the group is able to offer and dramatically increases the percentages of materials recovered for recycling and reuse. These benefits have been passed on to customers by helping them improve their recycling rates and as a result lower their costs. 

The new Materials Recovery Facility at Kenbury enables Coastal to separate and recover more quality recyclable products than any other commercial facility in the South West. Coastal are now able to separate paper and cardboard of a variety of grades, plastics by polymer type, tins and bottles of many different types recovering over 95% of these materials for recycling and reuse.

There is no magic process that allows all waste to be combined and recovered. Uniquely Coastal works with its customers to help them produce high quality recyclable materials by focussing on the separation of source materials and by not combining waste streams that lead to contamination. This results in the production of very high quality recyclable materials.