On Wednesday 8th July we were joined by pupils from a local school who were learning about recycling.

The day was jam packed with a tour of our main site and many other activities.

Pupil James and his friend George created this great article for us “Diary of an Eco-Warrior’.

‘First we saw a giant field of compost heaps, it was very smelly! The first machine we saw a shredder. It had all of the plants at the end and scrunched it all up with a sharp tool! Then it spits it all out on the other side of the shredder into tiny pieces! After that, it spits it into the compost heaps no not. Next, it sends it through another machine called a screener it gets all the nasty stuff like plastic and rubbish.

Then we went to the recycling and it was noisy! As well as it was also really dusty! We went up the stairs and saw another machine called a Separator, here’s how it goes, it has a conveyor belt and has a weird trampoline like machine that goes like up down up down up down! Then we went outside and we saw a machine. We didn’t know what it was called but it has pistons and it made rubbish into cubes! A paper cube was £70 A cube of cans costed £790! A cube of plastic bottles costed £45 only! A cube of cardboard boxes costed £80!

We also saw some soil that was red! Before that we also saw some old plugs, some tv’s and thick wires, small wires and I founds the centre to a TV! It had a blue hole, a red hole and a black socket. It was spikey and gold, under the gold spikes was this main part to the TV! It has green and had some interesting signs that controlled the TV. Then we saw some red dirt that had wires that controlled the dusty recycling centre. It had holes from rabbits and was very easy to fall through. it was made of dirt and clay mixed together. The funniest bit was where all the seagulls were sitting on the roof!  Do you know why? Because compost has lots of worms and fruit in the piles. We learnt that old rubbish could be used again. Also how strong pistons can be. Also about Flo’s safety rules! They were: don’t be silly, NO running, always wear a hard hat, ALWAYS wear a light jacket so drivers can see you, always look left and right when crossing the road. Never go into another place without a grown up. ALWAYS STICK TO THESE RULES!!’

Massive thanks to James for this great articles and to the rest of his classmates for such a great day!