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We are currently running a full skip and RORO service as well as commercial collections. More information here.

Month: August 2015

  • How is glass recycled?

    According to Recycle Now the UK recycles around 50% of container glass which although has seen a rise over the last five years is nowhere near other in Europe with Switzerland and Finland recycling more than 90% of their glass! Add to that that UK businesses (such as bars, restaurants and pubs) currently throw away over 200,000 […]

  • How is paper recycled?

    In a recent blog we listed the materials that we handle here at Coastal Recycling. In our next series of blogs we’re going to look at the process that materials go through to ensure that resources are recovered and re-used, avoiding the need for new resources to be produced. First up…paper…   Coastal Recycling are passionate about […]

  • Community Fund supports development of Devon Wildlife Trust site

    A community fund from Coastal Recycling has resulted in Devon Wildlife Trust being able to deliver improvements to the Meeth Quarry nature reserve site in the heart of Devon. The nature reserve includes wetland areas, ponds, grasslands and is home to a wide variety of wildlife including dragonflies, tadpoles, butterflies and an amazing array of […]

  • Why recycle? What’s the benefit to me?

    Here at Coastal we’re proud to recycle 93% of all of the waste we handle. With the perception that recycling costs more we thought we’d outline 3 key benefits of recycling your waste with Coastal. It reduces the amount of waste being sent to a landfill Landfill space is limited and where we can avoid […]