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We are currently running a full skip and RORO service as well as commercial collections. More information here.

Month: September 2015

  • Supporting Exeter Eagles with SW Regional Championship

    Exeter Eagles are a local club for BMX enthusiasts of all ages. Coastal previously supported the developments of the club through their Community Fund. The 13th of September 2015 saw the club host the South West Regional championships for the first time welcoming over 230 riders from all over the South West! Coastal were keen to be […]

  • Coastal plays a part in Dream-A-Way raising over £20,000!

    Dream-A-Way a local charity based in Exeter recently celebrated their 20th annual golf day at Woodbury Park, that achieved record breaking results! Coastal were one of the sponsors for the day which helped the charity ensure the day could take place. The day itself consisted of golfing challenges followed by an evening of entertainment, which included […]

  • How is metal recycled?

    Over the last three weeks we’ve had a look at the recycling process for paper, glass and plastic. This week we’re going to take a look at the process for metal. Similar to the process for plastic, metal materials have to be stringently sorted too as the quality of the metal determines the quality of […]

  • Coastal Recycling help unite community

    The Coastal Community Fund provides over £200,000 of funding a year to qualifying projects that result in benefit being delivered to the natural, built or social environment. Earlier this year a fund was awarded to the village of Atherington to support the continued development of their community centre. The project of developing the community centre […]

  • How is plastic recycled?

    Over the last two weeks we’ve looked at the processes for recycling paper and glass. Next in our series we’re look at the process for recycling plastic. The recycling of plastic is a little more complex than other materials as there are so many different types some of which when recycled cannot be used in […]