Are you a farmer, or do you know a farmer that is looking to add vital nutrients to their farm’s soil – to increase crop yield and decrease the need for expensive fertilisers – if so, we have just the thing!

Coastal Organics based at Hill Barton Business Park, Clyst St Mary, Exeter, produces over 15,000 tonnes of PAS100 graded compost each year; what’s even better is that it all begins life as green garden waste produced by households across Devon (it’s made from garden materials only!).

Coastal Organics compost has a number of properties which will help increase crop yields, namely:

  • A wide & balanced range of vital micro & macro nutrients
  • High organic matter in a stable form compared to FYM, digestate & other manures which will:
    1. increase the soil’s water holding capacity
    2. increase crop resistance to droughts & extreme weather events
    3. reduce soil erosion
    4. reduce run-off & leaching of nutrients
    5. Small liming value as well as a pH buffering capacity which will minimise pH related deficiencies
    6. Green compost provides a range of beneficial fungi & other microbes, a critical part of healthy soils which protect crops & make nutrients available when required

What’s more, for Farmers that are able to collect the compost from our Hill Barton site, it’s absolutely FREE!

Are you ready to improve your soil, decrease your fertiliser costs and increase crop yield?

Get in touch today to find out more about the product and its uses or book your compost collection.

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