Headway Devon is a charity based in Exeter that have been supporting people with brain injuries for 20 years. Their mission is to help make life a bit easier by providing help and support for people whenever they need it.

The backbone of Headway’s efforts are made possible by fundraisers, donors, volunteers and supporters. When vital work was needed to modernise facilities in the learning kitchen at their headquarters and largest day centre, we were delighted to be able to help and supply 2 grants totaling £15,619 from the Coastal Recycling Community Fund to help make the projects a reality.

The learning kitchen is a well-used space by a diverse range of groups from across the community. The Exeter day centre clients and team regularly use the space for cookery & nutrition workshops, so work was urgently needed to bring everything up to scratch. The main aim of the project, was to improve facilities for disabled users as the current set up meant they had to do food preparation outside the kitchen. This resulted in the all inclusive nature of the workshops not being met.

In addition to introducing accessible features, the revamp included:

  • Repairing damaged surfaces.
  • Introducing more storage for equipment.
  • Replacing broken appliances.

The new accessible kitchen includes easy grip drawer handles and accessible cupboards to enable disabled people to take part in cooking sessions and be directly involved with nutrition workshops at the centre. The new kitchen will also enable Headway to run independent living skills sessions for people with brain injuries. These workshops enable individuals to feel more confident and safe in the kitchen, helping them to be more independent and reduce the burden on carers and families.

These workshops also offer opportunities to educate people about nutrition and making healthy choices. For Headway clients who have sustained brain injuries due to causes such as strokes or heart attacks, this is very important to improve future health. The improvements have removed access barriers for people with physical disabilities, meaning that they are able to fully participate in all activities independently and equally.

What did Headway Devon think of the project?

It’s amazing how this project has improved our learning kitchen space. The more flexible, inclusive space, especially the lowered worktop, enables our centre clients to be more independent in our cookery and nutrition workshops which is invaluable.

Headway Devon Chief Executive, Anne Mattock.


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