Park Life Heavitree are pleased to announce the completion of their recent project; the provision of a community-run coffee van for Heavitree Pleasure Ground in Exeter.

The project received a grant of £6000 from the Coastal Recycling Community Fund to repair and improve the group’s vintage coffee van which will operate as a mobile community café at Heavitree Pleasure Ground.

When the project got off the ground, it was discovered that the rust was more extensive than originally thought and would have had to be scrapped if the grant application had not been successful.

The van is now roadworthy and it will be used at events to help bring the community together; raise awareness of Park Life Heavitree’s aims to build a community hub or cafe in the park and raise money towards the planning costs for this hub. The van is a signpost that there is a vital community in the area who want to provide opportunities for people to come together via events and hopefully, in the provision of a community hub in the park.

About Park Life Heavitree Park Life

Heavitree is a community group focused on what goes on in Heavitree Pleasure Ground, Exeter, UK, both in the short, medium and long term. The broad aims of Park Life Heavitree are “To support and grow community in and around Heavitree”.