Did you know that Coastal Recycling also provides environmental monitoring and consultancy services?

With companies faced with ever changing environmental regulations it can be a challenge to ensure compliance and legal obligations are met.

The services are aimed at landfill operators, quarry operators, utility and construction companies as well as owners of derelict mines.

Monitoring services

  • Surface gas analysis – ideal for landfill sites this service uses the latest Geotech GA500 gas and GMI analysers.
  • Water & leachate analysis – providing detailed analysis and reporting of river water, surface water, groundwater and leachate using the latest Monitor Pro software. Results are delivered to UKAS standards to comply with MCERTS the UK Environment Agency’s rigorous standard.
  • Soil analysis – our skilled team are able to provide a comprehensive suite of tests to determine the waste categories and codes for waste soil arising from areas such as utility, construction and demolition activities.


Supporting companies to operate in line with current environmental compliance and legal obligations. Our fully accredited team provide a range of ad-hoc or contracted monitoring and reporting services.

“Environmental regulations is just one aspect of business for many companies and staying compliant can sometimes be challenging. Our team focus on helping to ensure that legal obligations are being met through consultancy and monitoring services.” 

Tom Sizer, Monitoring Technician

Find more information about Environmental Monitoring and Consultancy contact Tom Sizer – tom.sizer@devonwaste.co.uk