Holy Trinity Church, Weare Gifford was beginning to fall in to a state of disrepair and with no money for up keep it was vital to secure funding.

Robert Jefferson, Fundraising Chair knew a different approach to secure funds was needed so that the immediate work required could be undertaken and so that plans were in place for securing on-going funds.

The approach the team took was varied and included rallying donations and support from the local community to applying for funding and grants, one of which was the Coastal Community Fund.

Overall £40,000 was required to resolve the guttering, damp curing and restoration work needed. Through the Coastal Community Fund £14,390 was secured.

Church Warden, Sue Gethin said;

“Many thanks to Coastal Recycling for their very generous grant to Weare Giffards’ Holy Trinity Church. This will kick start a series of remedial projects to repair the extensive damage caused by the weather over a long period of time, and to prevent further damage happening. We anticipate that the leadership of Coastal Recycling will encourage other charitable organisations to whom we are applying for funds, to be equally generous.”

The following work has now been completed;

  • Replace existing guttering which was rusted and leaking
  • Re-pointing outside walls to prevent water leaks

This is just the start of the work but has seen the Church become water tight once more. The overall works will help return the church to its former glory and make it more aesthetically attractive to those wishing to use it.

Robert Jefferson, Fundraising Chair said;

“Without the Coastal Recycling grant we could not have done this work. Also this grant enabled us to attract other grants and the reaction in the village has been very positive.