Devon-based Harrier LLC drives forward environmental performance with Coastal Recycling

Harrier LLC, the UK’s leading digital print, photo print and gift products provider, is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its business and has achieved high reduction, reuse and recycling rates since reviewing its environmental policy in 2011. The Devon-based company is a major digital print success story, printing around 470 million photos a year at its Newton Abbot base and employing over 220 staff.

Focussing on chemical and paper waste and energy consumption in its multi-million-pound business, Harrier LLC partnered with Coastal Recycling to drive forward its environmental performance. As a result, 96% of the company’s waste handled by Coastal is now recycled, thus avoiding landfill.

The Story Today

Harrier LLC and Coastal Recycling, both Devon-based companies, began working together in 2016 following project work over a number of years.

Paul Rogers, Harrier LLC says,

“Coastal stepped in to help us out on a few projects and their commitment to the job and excellent customer service gave us confidence that they would be a robust and flexible waste management partner for us. Our business is unpredictable and based around the promotional activity of our customers, making waste streams hard to forecast and plan. Coastal have embraced the situation, found the right solutions for us and met our changing requests quickly and competitively every time.”

Coastal created a bespoke service for Harrier LLC, tailor making a package of recycling services that perfectly suited the varied and sometimes unusual waste that was being produced. The environmental impact of the recycling process itself is also minimised with Coastal being just half an hour’s drive away.

With the continued support of Coastal Recycling, Harrier LLC has increased cardboard and paper recycling by 51.3% in the last three years. They have also introduced recycling for other materials, including wood recycling, general waste, WEEEE and hazardous waste disposal, all while maintaining a tight hold of costs. The company has invested in a cardboard baler to save time and reduce space in recycling bins, the money saved in fewer collections has made the investment cost neutral in just 12 months.

The largest volume of waste is of high quality paper, this is meticulously separated from other waste for recycling. Barry Kronburg, Coastal Recycling says, “We have recycled over 2,000 tonnes of paper and card for Harrier since 2011 which would otherwise have gone to landfill. The commitment to recycling from the management team has been impressive.”

The drive to improve its recycling is two-pronged for Harrier. Paul explains, “Firstly, it is the right thing to do – we want to ensure that we use responsibly sourced products and that we manage our business to keep waste to a minimum, many of our customers expect to see that we do this. Secondly, the careful management of waste means we can control costs and save the business money. Waste costs have grown exponentially since 2011, the money we have saved has been invested in the company, maintaining profits and local jobs.”

The Future

Harrier LLC is a thriving business and, as the UK’s largest printing company, continues to go from strength to strength. Along with great success comes great responsibility when it comes to the environment.

In partnership with Coastal Recycling, the Harrier team are looking into the possibility of recovering energy from waste by burning their wooden printers’ pallets. Barry Kronburg, Coastal Recycling, explains, “Printers’ pallets are quite unique. They are smaller than other pallets and have no recycling value or use in other industries. We are working with Coastal Recycling on a plan to chip and burn these pallets to provide energy for company operations.”

“Our commitment to recycling is 100%.” says Paul, “Our vision is to continue to grow on the stable base we started in 2011. Through our close working partnership and collaboration with Coastal, benefitting from their knowledge and expertise, we can realise our ultimate goal of recycling all of our waste.”