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We are currently running a full skip and RORO service as well as commercial collections. More information here.

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  • What’s what when it comes to compost?

    We are passionate about recycling at Coastal, and composting is recycling in its truest form. Currently, each year Coastal Organics gives over 22,000 tonnes of green garden waste a new purpose, by turning it into compost. Every aspect of composting takes time and has a process that needs to be carefully monitored. We have broken […]

  • Asbestos awareness

    What is asbestos? Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous material that has been a popular building material since the 1950s. It is used as an insulator, has good fire protection properties and protects against corrosion. Asbestos is often mixed with other materials, so it’s difficult to know if it’s there. Most common uses for asbestos Sprayed […]

  • Eight tips for clever Christmas recycling

    Let’s face it, Christmas produces one heck of a lot of rubbish. Our foodie indulgences, present swapping, cracker pulling, card giving, ‘go on just one more brandy’, all collectively adds nearly 300m tonnes of waste each year in the UK. If you felt inclined to line up every Christmas tree bought in the UK, rumour […]

  • How is metal recycled?

    Over the last three weeks we’ve had a look at the recycling process for paper, glass and plastic. This week we’re going to take a look at the process for metal. Similar to the process for plastic, metal materials have to be stringently sorted too as the quality of the metal determines the quality of […]

  • How is plastic recycled?

    Over the last two weeks we’ve looked at the processes for recycling paper and glass. Next in our series we’re look at the process for recycling plastic. The recycling of plastic is a little more complex than other materials as there are so many different types some of which when recycled cannot be used in […]

  • How is glass recycled?

    According to Recycle Now the UK recycles around 50% of container glass which although has seen a rise over the last five years is nowhere near other in Europe with Switzerland and Finland recycling more than 90% of their glass! Add to that that UK businesses (such as bars, restaurants and pubs) currently throw away over 200,000 […]

  • How is paper recycled?

    In a recent blog we listed the materials that we handle here at Coastal Recycling. In our next series of blogs we’re going to look at the process that materials go through to ensure that resources are recovered and re-used, avoiding the need for new resources to be produced. First up…paper…   Coastal Recycling are passionate about […]

  • Recovering 93% of resources we handle

    Here at Coastal Recycling we’re proud to recycle over 93% of all the materials we handle, not only does this mean that lots of materials we handle get re-used but it also means we can provide customers with a cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable solution to disposing of their waste. When materials are collected by the […]

  • Find out how our Landfill sites generate energy

        Find out about our Skip Hire or Skip Hire.

  • The process of lining our Landfill Site

    Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been sharing insight into what makes our landfill management different and how we work hard to ensure it doesn’t impact the surrounding nature and environment. From dispelling misconceptions, to sharing just 5 of the things we do to ensure it doesn’t impact the environment. As mentioned in the misconceptions article […]