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How do we create organic compost?

We believe passionately in composting; we process over 35,000 tonnes of green waste, which is used to improve the soil for farmers across Devon.



1. Kerbside and recycling centre green waste is delivered to our five sites across Devon

2. Our high speed shredder breaks down the material

3. It is then fed into a screener

4. 95% of materials pass through a 40mm screen

5. The compost is then managed to maturity over 14 weeks. It is turned often to regulate the internal heat

6. Samples are then set off to a laboratory to check levels of nutrients

7. After weeks of careful management, it has transformed into a PAS 100 soil conditioner

8. The team offer technical support and recommend the optimum quantity of compost for spreading, based on the lab results

The results?

  • Nutrients are drawn deep into the soil
  • Increased water retention
  • Increased biological activity