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Wheelie bin size guide

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Our bags are great for small volume cardboard, paper or general waste. We can also collect glass waste separately through a mixed glass recycling service.

Our bags are supplied in multiples of XX which are payable in advance.

Height: 0

Length: 0

Width: 0

Small capacity 240l wheelie binwheelie-1.b45b04987535ec6ec139fdaf090ce6a7

This nifty polymer wheelie bin is narrow and compact – perfect for the workplace.

Height: 1.08m

Length: 0.58m

Width: 0.73m

wheelie-2.b45b04987535ec6ec139fdaf090ce6a7Medium capacity 360l wheelie bin

A narrow wheelie bin, great for the office but with additional capacity.

Height: 1.18m

Length: 0.62m

Width: 0.86m

wheelie-3.b45b04987535ec6ec139fdaf090ce6a7Large capacity 660l wheelie bin

This large wheelie bin has four solid rubber wheels, making it hard wearing and shock absorbing. A lock can be provided.

Height: 1.17m

Length: 1.36m

Width: 0.77m

wheelie-4.b45b04987535ec6ec139fdaf090ce6a7Largest capacity 1100l wheelie bin

This wheelie bin is the one for businesses who produce plenty of regular waste. It has four solid rubber wheels, making it hard wearing and shock absorbing. If you need a lock, just ask.

Height: 1.47m

Length: 1.37m

Width: 1.07m

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